Your first investment with us is your time, not your money.

Working with a financial advisor is a significant relationship. So at Bohmer Kilcoyne Wealth Management we build in a series of commitment-free steps for you:

Step 1.  Since you’re on our website, you’ve already started the process of learning more about the Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pros available to you. Good move.

Step 2.  If you relate to what you see here, the next move is yours. Contact us by phone or email. Or, through Dave Ramsey’s website, request that we contact you.

Step 3.  We meet to learn more about your financial situation and together determine your financial planning goals and objectives. You get to know more about our firm and get answers to the questions important to you.

Step 4.  We meet to present our financial planning and investment recommendations to you.

Our goal is to provide investment and financial planning advice that is consistent with Dave Ramsey’s philosophies.

Our comprehensive services include:
• Investment Planning
• Retirement Planning
• Education Planning
• Estate Planning
• Insurance Planning
• Tax Planning
• Advice on Mortgage Payoff