Frequently Asked Questions

Who will control the decision making in my account?

Ultimately, you have control over your account. We discuss any recommended changes with our clients and implement those changes after receiving their approval. Our clients can give us discretionary authority to make changes without first receiving their approval, if they wish to establish this type of arrangement.

How is my financial advisor compensated?

We are a fee-based financial planning firm, which means that our compensation is based upon the assets in your account. This fee arrangement keeps our clients’ interests and our interests on the same page. When account values increase, our compensation increases. If account values decrease, our compensation decreases. If a fee-based relationship does not meet your needs, other options are available. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

How often will I meet or talk with my advisor?

We typically meet with our clients for annual, or semi-annual, review meetings and as necessary between these regular meetings. Our team members are easily accessible on a daily basis via telephone or email, and we strongly encourage our clients to contact us at any time with questions or concerns. Our goal is to provide superior service, and that starts with being easily accessible to our clients.

Is there a minimum investment I must make?

Some products may require a minimum investment, we will work with you to find options that fit your particular needs. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

How frequently would my investment position be reviewed and modifications recommended?

Your portfolio would be reviewed on a daily basis. Modifications are often recommended at our regular review meetings if there are changes in your financial life. Modifications are also recommended, via phone or email, as political, economic and market conditions warrant.

How will I receive correspondence, electronically or my mail?

Our clients have the option to receive correspondence either electronically or by mail.