October 12, 2011

What We Do

How we serve our clients

Bohmer Kilcoyne Wealth Management offers comprehensive financial services and access to a full range of objective investment products. Importantly, we also team with you to make suitable financial decisions through life’s ever-changing events, so that your investment path can keep pace with those changes.  Think of us as your personal Chief Financial Officer, analyzing, monitoring and aligning the many components of your financial position.

Our partnership with you is rooted in open communication, so listening to you is the first step.  The more we understand your goals, the better we are able to analyze your current situation and design and implement a portfolio which seeks to bring you closer to your goals, at an appropriate level of risk.  And if you come to us with undefined goals, as many do, we work together to help clarify, articulate and prioritize your life goals.

Our services include: